The Art of Animation

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Animation is our great love. We would like to expand your knowledge and love for animation. Here we will show you how the animation is beautiful and joyful. There will be some concrete instructions how to enjoy our products, too!


August 24th 2021

We usually say that zoetropes and flipbooks were the first optical toys invented to create animation. But that is not quite true! Even before zoetropes, people had fun experimenting with drawings.

So for example thaumatrope uses only two drawings to create an animation! It is a round card that rotates along one of its axes - around the diameter.

For children up to 8 years of age, it is easier to use two glued oval cardboards between which a rope should be placed. Alternatively, it is possible to make holes on the two opposite sides of the oval and tie ropes on them. For this version, you need a paper puncher and someone older who knows how to tie knots. :-)

Thaumatrope in School of Animation