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Attractive Croatian landmarks come to life in your hands. Each motif is linked to a geographical location. Explore these places on the site or on the internet.

Croatian Zoetrope

Croatian Zoetrope is a cardboard cylinder with vertical slots on the upper side. Strips with drawings are inserted inside. You use your hand and rotate zoetrope, so it starts to spin around its axis. The drawings become an animated loop.

The specificity of Croatian Zoetrope is that it is made of light material. We mostly use environmentally friendly materials. With each zoetrope, you can order our ready-made animations or blank papers.

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Croatian Flipbook

Croatian Flipbook is a small booklet of 70 pages with drawings in a row. When you flip the pages of a booklet between your thumb and forefinger, you create an animation.

Our version of the flipbook is 11 by 6 cm. It can fit in every pocket!

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More about our toys

The first ZOETROPE was created in 1834 by the mathematician William Horner and was called Dedalus. It was made of metal with a wooden base. Over the years, various enthusiasts have changed the construction, size, materials and produced new versions of zoetropes. Some work on a bicycle drive, some are almost a meter in diameter!

The FLIPBOOK was invented by John Barnes Linnet in 1868 under the name kineograph. It is the simplest and cheapest way to create a drawn animation. All you need is a pile of small paper, a pen and paper clips. A flipbook can have as many pages as you can flip between your fingers. It can be drawn with different techniques: pencil (good for beginners!), felt-tip pen, ink, watercolors…